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Research Team

Prof. Kathryn Lilley

Director of Cambridge Centre for Proteomics

k.s.lilley (at)

01223 760255



Dr. Lisa Breckels (CPU) Organelle proteomics data analysis lms79(at)
Dr. Andy Christoforou Organelle proteomics and endosome structure and dynamics ac587 (at)
Dr. Laurent Gatto (CPU) Organelle proteomics designs and data analysis  lg390 (at)
Dr. Arnoud Groen Organelle proteomics and endosome structure and dynamics ajg86 (at)
Dr. Thomas Hiemstra Urine proteomics, biomarker studies tfh24 (at)
Dr. Claire Mulvey Targeted LOPIT in Drosophila cmm76 (at)
Dr. Isabelle Nett Quantitative phosphoproteomics in232 (at)
Dr. Nino Nikolovski Golgi protein complexes involved in biosynthesis of xylan in Arabidopsis  nn254 (at)
Dr. Johanna Rees Novel labelling approaches for in vivo quantitative PPIs  jsr31 (at)
Dr Hongtao Zhang Substrate of target protein degradation in Arabidopsis hz304 (at)
Dr Houjiang Zhou Myc in tumourigenesis and mechanism of Myc-dependent apoptosis hz297 (at)


PhD students:

Irina Armean AP-MS interactome analysis ima23 (at)
Adam Guterres Cancer proteomics and subcellular localization ang25 (at)
Dan Nightingale mRNA localization, sub-cellular protein localization and label-free quantitation djhn2 (at)
Pavel Shliaha Label-free quantitation pvs22 (at)
Konstanze Schott Effects of the T. gondii secretome on the host cell phosphoproteome ks634 (at)


Former members:

Dr. Nick Bond Quantitative Proteomics, Absolute Quantitation, Membrane proteomics
Dr. Floriana Capuano Purification and Characterization of chimeric plant organelles
Mr. Phil Charles Circadian rhythm and 15N quantitation
Dr. Natasha Karp Optimisation of experimental design and data analysis in quantitative proteomic experiments
Dr. Alex-James Painter Omic Mining through the biostrata of P. aeruginosa colonies and biofilms by DESI-MS
Dr. Matthew Russell Quantitative Proteomics, 15N metabolic labelling
Dr. Pawel Sadowski Quantitative Proteomics, Membrane Proteomics
Dr. Denise Tan Organelle proteomics and endosome structure and dynamics
Dr. Ludivine Thomas Quantitative phosphoproteomics
Mrs. Serena Tolin In vivo proteomics of Drosophila melanogaster by tandem affinity purification and Mass Spectrometry
Mrs. Ilona Turek Quantitative phosphoproteomics