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The Cambridge Centre for Proteomics

Welcome to the Cambridge Centre for Proteomics 

The Cambridge Centre for Proteomics (CCP) is directed by Professor Kathryn Lilley and is comprised of two sub-groups:

CCP research groups

  1. The Lilley research group
  2. CCP Core Facility

The Core Facility is managed by Dr Michael Deery.

CCP is an internationally established proteomics facility which strives for the development of robust proteomics technology which it applies to a wide variety of biological questions, making new technologies available to collaborators of CCP and customers of the Core Facility.

CCP's research focusses on several themes:

  1. Spatio-temporal proteomics methods development
  2. Analysis of changes in post translational modifications
  3. Creation of robust pipelines for quantitative proteomics
  4. Development of informatics tools to support the above
  5. The relationship between the transcriptome and the proteome
  6. Spatial translation


The Lilley Group is always keen to hear from talented and enthusiastic scientists who are interested in joining the lab. Researchers within the group cover a broad spectrum of techniques including cell biology, molecular biology, mass spectrometry, and computational biology. We are interested to hear from individuals, who are looking at applying for their own funding from other sources. 

We welcome applications from prospective postgraduate students with strong academic backgrounds in biochemistry, computational biology, cell biology. Positions generally start at the beginning of October, but also may start at the beginning of the Lent and Easter terms (January and April) . A number of organisations exist which may be able to assist with funding for a PhD course. More information is available via the University of Cambridge Board of Graduate Studies website which has details of various scholarships and bursaries, plus details of how to apply.



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