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Cambridge Centre for Proteomics


Director of Cambridge Centre for Proteomics

- 01223 760255


Proteomics Facility Manager

- 01223 760253


Senior Research Associate

Stress response and ageing in yeast



Name Research
Organelle proteomics data analysis 
Determining the location & interaction of Plant SUMO machinery & its targets through proteomics approaches
What determines protein abundance in plants?
Ancient membrane effector protein function in various organisms
Spatial proteomics of senescent chondrocytes
RNA trafficking and localized translation


PhD students:

Name Research
RNA binding proteomics and epitranscriptomics
Charlotte Hutchings Spatial and expression proteomics to understand the production of AAV in HEK293 cells
Suyeon (Ellie) Kim Interactome studies and spatial proteomics of DNA damage to understand the role of checkpoint kinases
Kieran McCaskie Spatial proteomics to identify AAV toxicity biomarkers


Service Team:

Name Service
Chief Research Laboratory Technician
Mass Spectrometry Technician
Proteomics bioinformatician