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Cambridge Centre for Proteomics


Cambridge Centre for Proteomics, c/o MRC-Toxicology Unit, Tennis Court Road, Cambridge CB2 1QR.  Please note our email address has changed and is now

Samples can be delivered in person, by prior arrangement only, to the box in reception each morning (before 12).  

 NB samples delivered in person must be sealed inside a clean plastic bag or they will not be accepted  

The facility offers considerable expertise to researchers in industrial and academic environments in gel and mass spectrometry-based proteomics.  A list of recent publications arising from collaborations with the CCP can be found here.

Further information about the facility can be found in the brochure, which includes details on the types of experiments which can be performed at the facility as well as available instrumentation and price list.



Sequencing of proteins* Academic (£) Industry (£)

< 5 bands/spots (price per band/spot)

60 min LC-MS/MS run 185 270
120+ min LC run 210 310

> 5 bands/spots (price per band/spot)

60 min LC-MS/MS run 150 220
120+ min LC run 185 250

Sequencing of proteins from solutions**

60 min LC-MS/MS run 185 270
120+ min LC run 210 310

* Includes sample preparation and database searching

** Solutions (or pellets) should be in water, 50mM NH4HCO3 (pH 7.8) or 50mM Tris-HCl (pH 7.6) and must be free of other salts, detergents, strong acids or bases, solvents, glycerol, HEPES and protease inhibitors. If desalting or clean up is required (and our workload allows) an additional charge will be applied.  For all samples please supply the protein concentration (or amount in the pellet if later precipitated) determined using a protein estimation kit which is compatible with the buffer in the samples. 

For label-free quantitation from bead digests, a peptide concentration estimation will be required at a cost of £120.


TMT quantitation

A complex mixture of proteins in solution can be analysed for each sample. Buffer composition and protein concentration should be supplied for each sample (ensuring the correct kit is used for the buffer present). Quantitation analysis does not include custom statistical analysis.

Sequencing of proteins Academic (£) Industry (£)
Sample preparation 6plex* 1100 1400
Sample preparation 10plex* 1400 1600
Sample preparation 11plex* request quote  
Sample preparation 16plex* 1900 2200
LC-MS/MS 2-hour run** 225 370
Quantitation analysis 70 per hour 100 per hour

* Includes protein precipitation, reduction/alkylation/digestion, TMT Labelling, 1st dimensionLC and collection of up to 40 fractions. 

** Long gradient, including Mascot searching - price per fraction


Gel-based methods running gels at CCP

  Academic (£) Industry (£)

Running gels*

1D minigel 75 140
Protein quantitation (BCA assay)    
  70 125

* Cost per gel including sample preparation, gel preparation, staining with coomassie or silver and scanning


Pricing guidance notes:

  1. Purified single proteins, from gels or solution, generally only require a 60 minute LC-MS/MS run.
  2. More complex samples (e.g complex pull-downs or total lysates which have been run on a gel or pull-downs containing proteins in solution) generally require a longer 120 min to reduce the complexity of the sample and generate a greater number of protein identifications.
  3. The cost of digestion with trypsin is included in the prices above. Use of any other enzyme(s) will result in an additional charge. Please ask for a quotation before filling in the appropriate submission form.
  4. The prices shown above are for each LC-MS/MS run, excluding VAT, - please consider this when calculating the total cost of the experiment.
  5. VAT will be payable on all external orders as exemption does not cover supply of 'information' (i.e. results). No VAT is payable by University of Cambridge customers.


Contact us

- Facility Manager

Tel: 01223 (7)60253

Services Offered

We require a valid purchase order (made out to University of Cambridge / Department of Biochemistry) to be attached to the submission form.



Cambridge Centre for Proteomics
c/o MRC-Toxicology Unit
Tennis Court Road