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Core facility

The Cambridge Centre for Proteomics core facility, which is part of the Cambridge Systems Biology Centre, was established in 2000. Since its inception, CCP has developed into a world leading facility which has significantly expanded in terms of its research capabilities and range of instrumentation to tackle proteomic-based problems. We currently offer full quantitative analysis on virtually any sample of any complexity.

CCP brochure 2019

The facility offers considerable expertise to researchers in industrial and academic environments in gel and mass spectrometry-based proteomics. For more information, please download the facility brochure, which includes details of the types of experiments which can be performed at the facility as well as available instrumentation and price list. Please note: prices listed in brochure will come into effect from the beginning of April 2019.

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Sample submission

All samples submitted to the CCP Core Facility must be accompanied with a sample submission form and Purchase Order (or grant code for Biochemistry only).

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